The Academy of Chiropractic Arts and Science, ACAS,  is a leader in Chiropractic continuing education. ACAS offers full day and half day board approved seminars. Each seminars offers the mandatory CE hours in Ethics (2 hours), Technique (4 hours) and Radiology (5 hours) through our distance learning courses.  

Educational, Enjoyable and CSBCE approved!
Learn New Rules and Regulations to Protect your Patients, Practice, and License ...

Documentation for Insurance
Personal Injury- Justify TX Plan
Worker’s Comp Updates
New CSBCE Rules and Regulations
Obama Health Care and your practice
Medicare- How to Avoid Audits

Patient Education, Examination, Technique, Ethics and Law, Radiology, CPR, Diagnostics, Philosophy, Diagnosis, Physiotherapy...
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3 Options to Complete CE Hours
12 CE hrs: Attend 6 hours live classroom + 6 CE hrs distance learning $159.99
12 CE hrs: Attend 12 hours live classroom $99.99
24 CE hrs: Attend 12 hours live classroom + 12 CE hrs distance learning $229.99


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Clinical Hypnosis Program
The AHAS offers the most complete and comprehensive course in Hypnosis and Self – Hypnosis ever presented for doctors of chiropractic. This information – the true revelation of how to apply Hypnosis and Self - Hypnosis – for the benefit of your patients and yourself – is now available to you. 
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